Leaf Patterns

Leaf Patterns Make Interesting Shapes

This painting was done from photos taken on a bike ride to Lowell, AR last summer. The location was a farm about half way between my house and Lowell. The shadow leaf patterns on the cows caught my attention.

I added the cow in the foreground from a separate photo and flipped him the opposite direction than he was really facing to make a better composition.

Painting and biking in cold weather is not fun to me so I will not be out  painting on the trails until we have some nice days or till next spring.cows

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Mike’s Bike Leaning on City of Lowell Sign

Lowell sign

When Mike and I biked a few weeks back we turned around at the edge of Lowell. Above is the photo I did the painting from.

City of Lowell

This is the painting. We rode 15 miles that day. I haven’t been out on the bike for a while. It has been very hot then I had company for a few weeks! It is cooler now and I am getting anxious to go again!

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Cross Church Painting on A Cloudy Day in June

Cross Church

Cross Church

June 27th was going to be a big day for biking – I thought! The Illinois River Watershed Partnership was having a bike ride from their place in Cave Springs to downtown Bentonville and The Walmart NWA Championship was hosting its first-ever organized bike ride to the LPGA tournament.

The “Greenway to the LPGA” bike ride was to start at the Bentonville Downtown Activity Center and will follow a 15-mile path to the John Q. Hammons Center in Rogers.

I got on my bike early and rode to S. Pinnacle Hills Pkwy, in Rogers and set up just off the trail in front of Village on the Creeks. This location was close to the end of the Bentonville groups ride and about half way for the IRWP group.

Several bikers rode by while I was there but not a group like I had anticipated. A few stopped and talked to me and watched me paint. One man said when he got back I would be through and he would buy it. I got finished before he came back though and did not want to wait for him.

It was a cloudy day and not too hot as I got out early in the day. July was a hot month and I did not get out as much but plan on painting more on the trails soon. I did do a studio painting from the photos posted on an earlier blog and will post soon on the painting done from one of those photos.

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Which Scene Should I Paint Next?

creekYesterday my husband Mike and I biked 15 miles round trip from our home in Rogers, AR to Lowell, AR. I was scouting for some nice scenes to paint along the Razorback Greenway. We biked without stoping to take photos on the way to Lowell. Then on the way back, we would stop and take photos of various scenes. I will post a few and I would like some feedback on which ones you think would be the best for my next painting.

Thanks for helping me!

Close to our turn around point in Lowell, AR.

Close to our turn around point in Lowell, AR.


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What a Beautiful Morning!

The fourth trail oil painting I did was near Osage Creek in Rogers on the spur of the Razorback Greenway that goes behind The Home Depot.

Fourth Trail Painting.

Fourth Trail Painting.

I left home at 8 am and biked a short distance to the location. Construction is near completion on the trail spur from where I painted to the area where my house is.

I was surprised that there were several cyclists and runners on the trail that morning. The temperature is getting hotter and I suspect some were trying to beat the heat.

One lady asked if she could take my photo and told me she was going to post it on Facebook.

When I first got to the location the barn was very dark as the sun was low still. The horses were near the front of the barn and the light was just hitting the roof a little. The tree in the field was lit well however. It was a beautiful morning to be out painting!

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Where is the most beautiful spot on the trails you have found?

Lake Springdale

On May 30th, 2015, I biked from J. B. Hunt School in Springdale to Lake Springdale.

The reason for going to J. B. Hunt School to bike to Lake Springdale was to save time. The Illinois River Watershed hosted a ride from their Learning Center to Lake Springdale starting at 10 am.

They posted on their Facebook page that I would be painting along the trails somewhere. I knew it would take me quite a while with all the painting stuff I haul with me on my bike to get there and I wanted to start painting early. That is why I did not want to start from my home in Rogers.

My ride to Lake Springdale was only 1.23 miles long and that included riding around the lake. I wanted to check it out because I had never seen it before. It is a pretty little lake and I liked two things about it right away One was that there were ducks, not just geese, but various kinds of ducks. I love ducks and have raised several in the past. The other thing I liked was that there was a pavilion in the center of the lake so if it rained I would be able to move there to paint,. Even if it meant wiping my canvas off and starting over with a new painting. The added plus was that it was beautiful.

I set up at the South East corner of the lake and decided that a man near by would be my center of interest. I had just been visiting with him and he was sitting on the bank fishing.

I hadn’t been painting long when a group biked past and one of them said in surprise. “Oh are you painting, how cool!”

Soon after another group biked up and stopped. One of the men asked, “are you the one I saw painting last week in Rogers?” I told him yes, “I’m everywhere, and so are you”.

Some of the other comments people passing said are, “My wife paints”, “Like your bike”, (I hear that a lot), “Oh how pretty” and “nice painting”. ‘’I actually stop painting and type in my notes on my phone the comments so I have them and don’t have to rely on my memory.

My husband Mike showed up on his bike and I packed up and we rode to Springdale. I enjoyed the ride and scouted out some places I might like to paint in the future. We went to Spring Creek Grill in Springdale for a refreshment and I saw the most awesome looking pies I’ve ever seen!

Then we headed back to J. B. Hunt school, a 6.4 mile ride, round trip, where Mike parked the pickup. Before we got there we saw some nasty dark clouds and wondered if we would make it back to the truck in time. It did start raining on us a little but we made it back without getting soaked.

Another great day on the trails painting!

Where is the most beautiful spot on the trails you have found? I’m still searching.

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New Article!

Below is a link to an article written about me in the Idle Class Magazine.

The magazine celebrates the creative life in the natural state.


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